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SafeSite Security Solutions

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Your farm, surrounding land and its contents are vulnerable to theft. That includes farm machinery, equipment, fuel or livestock, which are all attractive rewards for those out to profit from you illegally. SafeSite Security Solutions was formed in 2009 by a group of professional security specialists with over 25 years’ experience. We know that rural and vacant property and landowners have a need for specialist security solutions to combat the particular problems they encounter and we cater specifically for this market. With our considerable security industry experience and product knowledge, we can provide tailored security solutions for you to protect all areas of your farm and so you can be alerted immediately if there is an intruder. Our services include 24 hour monitored CCTV and alarms, security doors, steel and timber barriers hoardings and screens, and security guards. We are proud to be an official CCTV partner supplier for the NFU. Call us today for a free, quick and competitive quotation.

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