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Cornwall Planning Group are a planning-lead architectural firm operating out of Hayle, Cornwall. We hold a clear focus, drive and passion for producing quality builds across the country – delivering ambitious yet practical designs of the highest standard. Cornwall Planning Group’s process is informed by our history, our staff and our clients – excelling in providing a comprehensive service from initial planning, to appraisals, master planning, administration, applications, all the way to final delivery – resulting in the highly esteemed practice we run today. Our team pride themselves on their work, using their wealth of experience to offer a wide selection of services focussed on increasing the social, economic and ecological value of any project. This includes producing fully modelled architectural plans and relevant documentation such as Energy Performance Certificates, streamlining the planning permission application process. Similarly, practically performing regulatory checks such as SAP assessments and water calculations, during personal site visits, means we are able to secure structural warranties for both commercial and residential planning projects with minimal disruption. We offer informative, valuable planning consultancy services that will streamline your building process. Understanding that the approach taken to a project often defines its success. Please feel free to get in touch for a friendly chat about any project you are looking to progress.

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